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Welcome to the ICOOCASH2, the Next Generation adult affiliate program!
We have spent months to set up everything for you in a perfectly simple and understandable way.
Nothing shall stand between you and the huge profit potential of our sites.
If you are a surfer looking for free porn, check out our FREE 24x7 PORN TV CHANNEL
Things you need to know before you start:
Our main site is HQTube.com
HQTube.com is a totally unique site offering amazing revenue-generating opportunities. We combine a variety of traffic conversion techniques, e.g. direct sales, ad spots and all kinds of online marketing strategies.
HQTube accepts all kinds of traffic, but we pay only for TV views from the countries in this list: US, GB, CA, AU, DE, NL, IT, NO, FR, BE, AT, ES. You can set up a traffic back URL to have traffic from other countries returned to you.
We pay on a per user action basis Your surfers use our site, and you get credited for that!
Forget about crappy sales stats, decreasing ratios, season downfalls and other depressing things.
With our first pay-per-action adult affiliate program ever, you keep making great money all the time.
We pay from $10 to $40 per 1K of qualified views of our Free Porn TV Channel.
For this action to be counted in your stats, the surfer has to click Continue free play button which appears after 60 seconds of watching our streaming video feed.
You start from $10 per thousand views, and after every 1,000 clicks we check the productivity of your traffic to set a higher rate if you are doing well.
We convert any traffic This is very true!
With ICOOCASH2 you can turn all kinds of traffic coming from legal sources into hard currency. Due to our highly efficient marketing techniques we maximize the potential of all traffic types. When they watch free porn, we make money via ad spots.
When they want more, we sell products to them. We make them happy in a variety of ways, and they pay. Our technology enables premium users to watch thousands of XXX DVDs without having to wait till they download.
In fact, they can download the DVDs as well. This is why people just love our site!
Even if your surfers are absolutely addicted to nothing but free porn, you will still get credited.
You will have really unique promo materials We offer an entire arsenal of promo tools to help you earn as much as possible.
Choose from video banners, stream FHGs, RSS feeds, or universal FREE TV page URLs to convert any kind of traffic.
With our function-packed system you will be able to get custom free content which best suits your needs. Use smartly designed promo tools provided by ICOOCASH2, and you'll see an increase in efficiency.
Get bonus points, prizes and A CAR from us Many webmasters remember our Smart Roadster giveaway for those who earned over $25,000 with ICOOCASH. This offer is not running anymore, but we continue the giveaway with a brand new Mercedes Benz C Klasse!
Check out the conditions below. All the points you earned in ICOOCASH were transferred to ICOOCASH2.
Earn $50,000 with ICOOCASH2 and get a great car for FREE! Its not a lottery.
Every webmaster out there who earns $50K gets a Mercedes Benz – and the money, too. What is more, you will get +10% on top of your earnings after you earn $1,000 at ICOOCASH2. You get +20% when earning more than $5K. You get +30%, after you pass the $25,000 mark. After you pass the $50,000 level, you get a Mercedes Benz AND +50% on top of your all further earnings!
Bonus money counts! The more you earn, the easier it becomes to earn more!
We pay twice per month We accept honest webmasters from worldwide. The minimum payout sum is $100 (please note that we DO NOT make payouts if you re under $100 whatever the circumstances).
We pay with NO HOLD, 2 times per month.
In case any problem occurs, the payout delay is not going to be more than 7 days.
Our payment options and transfer fees are: - Wire transfer (from $500 only), $50 fee - Checks, $5 fee - Epassporte, $2 fee - Paypal, $10 fee - Webmoney, $5 + 0.8% fee - Fethard, $5 fee Payments for the 1-15th days of the month are processed on the 16th day.
Payments for the 16-31st days of the month are processed on the 1st day of the next month. You will get 10% of referred webmasters income

Now you are ready to Signup!


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