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 Get content for free – and get paid for installs! New on ZangoCash! Put entertaining content on your website, and we pay you up to $1.45 for each new user who installs Zango. Get free content and get PAID! Choose from hundreds of free videos, plus a selection of audio, games and software for your website. ZangoCash pays you for every new Zango install generated from countries we credit for SPONSOR YOUR WEBSITE WITH ZANGO.

Signup to Zangocash today!

* Choose from an ever-growing catalog of the latest online content – Free for you and free for your users! Hundreds of the latest videos, plus a selection of audio, full version games and software.

* Get paid for publishing Zango content – ZangoCash pays you for every new Zango install generated from countries we credit for. Heres how it works - content from the Zango catalog is bundled with the Zango Search Assistant, which is a required component or "pass" for users who want to access Zango-supported content. Users agree to see advertisements delivered by the Zango Search Assistant - in return, they get unlimited access to any Zango-enabled content. And you get paid for every new install generated from countries we credit for!

* Get content on your website in 3 steps! – Decide which content you want – videos, audio, games or software, browse the catalog to select your content, and then download the Zango bundled files to put on your website! ZangoCash’s tracking system lets you get real-time reports on your earnings. Don’t forget to keep checking the catalog for fresh new content!


Signup to Zangocash today!

Protect your website's premium content with a Zango Gateway page. Users install Zango to access your content for free, and you get paid for every new Zango install generated from countries we credit for. You monetize on your content, while keeping the experience free for your users!
Gateway Revenue and protection for content-driven websites Users who do not have Zango cannot access your Gateway-protected content. They must install Zango to get permission – and you get paid for every install generated from countries we credit for.

* A Gateway is a webpage that acts as a protective gate to the content on your website - You determine the level of content protection you want – protect specific sections, pages or your entire website.

* A Gateway is all about communication – The Gateway page clearly explains your value proposition. It tells users exactly what they are getting and why they are getting it for free. Users are more comfortable installing Zango via the Gateway than by other standard installations because they associate the Gateway with your content and website.

* Customize your Gateway – You determine the look and feel of your Gateway page so that it is consistent with your website. You can customize the template, choose a color theme, format text and much more. This creates familiarity for your users, which means better conversion ratios. A Gateway means more cash from your content! How it works for your users - those who do not have Zango:

* Users try to access your Gateway-protected website or content.

* Users are redirected to the Gateway web page which displays the Zango disclosure.

* Users click on a button that opens an installation prompt (.exe format) which asks them to install Zango.

* Users agree to the Zango Terms & Conditions and complete the Zango installation.

* Users get access to the desired content.

* Users also get access to the rest of your Gateway-protected content.

Signup to Zangocash today!

Install Rates

Monthly Installs         Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1 to 3,000                $0.75 $0.40 $0.10
3,001 to 15,000        $1.00 $0.53 $0.15
15,001 to 50,000       $1.13 $0.59 $0.18
50,001 to 100,000     $1.21 $0.63 $0.19
100,001 to 150,000   $1.29 $0.67 $0.21
150,001 to 200,000   $1.37 $0.71 $0.22
over 200,000            $1.45 $0.75 $0.24

Tier Countries
1 United States
2 Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
3 Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland
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Signup to Zangocash today!

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